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Personalized Focus Lessons

PlanYour need?Benefits

4 Day Focus

Do you need to take practice tests and have lessons only on the questions that are troubling you?

During four sessions, we will help you identify and solve problems that are stopping you from getting your target score.

You can also take one free test per week to identify more troubling areas.

10 Day Score Booster

Are you stuck at a score range?Test questions can be confusing. We will help you eliminate your confusion by identifying your weak areas and focusing the lessons only on the question types you need to learn.

22 Day Beginner

Just starting out?

No problem. We have helped thousands of students achieve their goals. Step-by-step we will guide you from start to finish.
This long term plan will focus on helping you on all of your weak areas. The test sections we will focus on will change as you learn more and the number of weak areas decrease. By increasing lessons on weak areas and decreasing lessons on strong areas, you will be able to focus more of your time on improving your weak areas.
SubjectLevelStarting Score
Reading 3EasySAT 400-580
ACT 20-26
Reading 4MediumSAT 580-660
ACT 25-28
Reading 5HardSAT 660-720
ACT 28-32
Literature PassagesHardSAT 660-740
ACT 28-32
Argument PassagesHardSAT 660-740
ACT 28-32
Science PassagesHardSAT 660-740
ACT 28-32
ReadingAdvanced 1, 2, & 3SAT 700-740
ACT 31-34
EasySAT 400-580
ACT 20-26
MediumSAT 580-660
ACT 24-28
HardSAT 660-720
ACT 26-30
AdvancedSAT 660-740
ACT 28-34
Math 700
No Calculator
Easy - MediumSAT 400-660
Math 800HardSAT 660-760
Math ACT Real Test Series (28 Tests)Medium - HardACT 28-34


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