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Personalized test preparation

We analyze most recent test questions (researching for over 20 years)

We find any new repeating pattern/concept

We revise the textbook and lessons

After a student takes a diagnostic test,

We find the student’s weak areas

We identify the question types troubling the student

We assign appropriate textbooks to the student

We assign the class level right for the student

We monitor the student’s progress daily or weekly

Based on the student’s responses to the tests and exercise, we personalize the student’s curriculum and schedule.

Personalized test preparation planning

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Personalized Teaching Daily tasks Based on a student's responses to exercises and tests.
Personalized Planning Personalized Test Prep Calendar focuses on the weak areas based on target dates and scores.
Personalized Lessons Step by step planning and lessons that are guaranteed to increase the scores.

Step-by-Step Skill based lessons and curriculum

Textbooks Levels
Reading 3 Easy
Reading 4 Medium
Reading 5 Med - Hard
Literature Passages Med - Hard
Argument Passages Med - Hard
Science Passages Hard
Reading Adv Advanced 1, 2, & 3
Grammar / Writing Level 3 Easy
Grammar / Writing Level 4 Medium
Grammar / Writing Level 5 Hard
Grammar / Writing Level Adv Advanced
Math Real Test Series Med - Adv
Science Real Test Series Med - Adv
English / Grammar Real Test Series Med - Adv
Reading Real Test Series Med - Adv

Available Classes

Days Time Tuition
Monday 4 - 6:20PM $180
Wednesday 4 - 6:20PM $180
Friday Testing 3 - 7 PM or
3:30 - 7:00PM
Saturday testing 9AM - 1PM or
1:30PM - 5:30PM
Saturday 9AM – 1PM $240
Saturday 1:30 – 5:30PM $240
Saturday 1:30 – 3:50PM $180

The tuitions are based on one session per day.

Most popular plans

Plan Goal Class Recommendations

MEGA 4 Day Focus

Is one section troubling you?
We will help you score higher on your worst area. During four sessions, we will help you identify and solve problems that are stopping you from getting your target score.
We recommend Saturday 4 hour classes.

MEGA 10 Day Score Booster

Are you stuck at a score range?
SAT questions can be confusing. We will help you eliminate your confusion by identifying your troubling core areas.
We recommend taking classes two days a week. One weekday class and one Saturday 4 hour class.

MEGA 22 Day Beginner

Just starting out?
No problem. We have helped thousands of students achieve their goals. Step-by-step we will guide you from start to finish.
Our recommendation will vary on how soon you want to finish your preparation.


MEGA PREP for over 20 years have helped students achieve the highest test scores and get in to top colleges by researching repeating test question patterns, best college admission essays, and most appealing student profile.

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