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I definitely recommend Mega Prep as a student who attended for around two years. I took the summer SAT classes and the personal ACT classes. I was also in the college admissions essay class. The teachers and classes are very personal, which help the students fix their problems quickly, without simply being taught the “way to take the test”. We are taught to comprehend and apply our reading skills to the test. I have and would still recommend Mega Prep to my friends and whoever needs a SAT tutoring academy.

Celine, Cornell

SAT | ACT Summer 2019

Most experienced teachers in the Bay Area.

Unlike other places, at Mega Prep, you don’t have to sit through lessons and classes too easy or too hard for you. Lessons and textbooks focus ONLY on what you need to increase your scores.

Daily score management and counseling are provided through real-time cloud management system. You and your parents can track your progress and plan real time.

Monitor your progress and needs through our weekly practice tests and test reviews. Only we offer most recent real tests.

SAT or ACT 3d/wk

$17508 weeks
  • 6/10/19 – 8/2/19
  • 10 – 20 students per group
  • 8 real practice tests
  • Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Morning or Afternoon

SAT or ACT 1:1 Semiprivate

$180per session
  • 6/10/19 – 8/9/19
  • 5 students per teacher
  • unlimited practice tests
  • Pay only for the days you attend
  • Morning or Afternoon

SAT or ACT 5d/wk

$23508 weeks
  • 6/17/19 – 8/9/19
  • 10 – 20 students per group
  • 8 real practice tests
  • Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
  • Morning or Afternoon

SAT | ACT Spring break camp ’19

Focus only on weak areas
1:1 semiprivate – 5 students per teacher
Different textbooks and lessons for each student
Daily score management and counseling
Two real practice tests
Session 1: 4/13 – 4/20 (2-5PM)
Session 2: 4/20 – 4/27 (2-5PM)
4 sessions minimum
$199 per sessions

1:1 SAT | ACT semiprivate

Do you need SAT | ACT prep classes now?
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1:1 semiprivate lessons with our best teachers
Weekly practice tests and review
5 students per teacher
Lessons and textbooks target your weak areas
Includes test prep real-time management and counseling

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Focus only on what you need through this step-by-step group lessons. Lessons and textbooks will help you move up to the next  level by targeting your weak areas. Your score and understanding will increase in the process.

Class is full. Next available: Sep. 2, 2019

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Take a real SAT and ACT practice tests and get detailed review lesson. Your questions will be thoroughly answered as students are grouped by their scores during review sessions.

Classes are full. Next projected available date 9/6/2019

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Test Predictions

Through dedicated research and updates, we strive to provide our students lessons and textbooks that are most predictive of the future tests.

Find out how


You can learn the most fundamental concepts to most advanced analytical skills step-by-step. We have broken down the tests into levels and question types so that you can increase your scores with ease. You can expect the lessons and textbooks to reflect the real future tests, as the passages, questions, and patterns used in our textbooks are all from real tests.

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