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Looking to prepare for college admissions and test preparations? We can help. From personalized test preparations to college admission essay writing, we have helped over 50,000 students. 

Our Philosophy

Each student has goals and potential, and it is responsibility of educators to help surpass that goal and maximize the potential. For each lesson paves the path for the future, we at Mega Prep strive to provide the best guidance. We take upon ourselves to inculcate in students the educational paradigm that will serve them well in their future endeavors.  

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Increase test scores. Help students write the best college admission essays. Create a most appealing college admission profile.  

Consistently research test questions to predict future test questions. Rewrite each college admission essay until it reflects the best quality and character of the student.

Founded in 1995, Mega Prep has helped thousands of students in over 30 countries.

Mr. Park, after graduating from Harvard, has strived to ensure that each student receives the best educational experience and opportunities.


MEGA PREP for over 20 years have helped students achieve the highest test scores and get in to top colleges by researching repeating test question patterns, best college admission essays, and most appealing student profile.

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