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Do you have nothing to list or write about?
Do you want to do more than just list activities?

We can help. We help you write a college application by filling in the missing parts and rewording your activities so that they do not sound common but important.

Create a application profile that will put you above the rest.

With 20+ year experience in creating unique profiles that have helped students get admitted to Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, we can also help you create distinctive and supreme profile. In addition, we do not just tell you to do a volunteer activity or sign up for a summer course at a local city college.

From start to finish, we work with each student on every sentence, word, and paragraph to create unique literary work that reflects his/her personal  uniqueness.

College application essays should reflect a student’s distinctive qualities, not the activities. In over 20+ years, we have helped thousands of students meet and, many times, surpass their highest expectations.

100% Top College Acceptance. 100% Scholarship (no-loan). One-to-One coaching from start to finish.

2018 College Applications
Since we personalize each application and edit each essay over 20 times, our seats are very limited. Please call for availability.


MEGA PREP for over 20 years have helped students achieve the highest test scores and get in to top colleges by researching repeating test question patterns, best college admission essays, and most appealing student profile.

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