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For anybody trying to find improve their SAT/ACT scores, MegaPrep is definitely the place to go. At MegaPrep, students are provided with everything essential to succeed in standardized testing, whether that may be a limitless supply of real practices, a detailed explanation of any question you may come across, or one-on-one analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

Classes were taught at a pace that ensured true learning and clear understanding of any confusions students may have had. Instead of teaching random test techniques, teachers helped students develop skills that could be applied directly on the test.

Sherina H.

Lynbrook HS

I definitely recommend Megaprep as a student who attended for around two years. I took the summer SAT classes and the personal ACT classes. I was also in the college admissions essay class. I have had a good experience at this academy, getting a score that was in my goal. The teachers and classes are very personal, which helps the student fix their problems quickly, without simply being taught the "way to take the test". We are taught to comprehend and apply our reading skills to the test. I have and would still recommend Megaprep to my friends and whoever needs a SAT tutoring academy.

Celine P.

Leland HS

Personally, I raised my score from 1700 to 2200 which is a raise of 500 points. I learned the complex structure of the SAT test and how it is made. From there, I was able to succeed particularly well at at the critical reading and the grammar sections. The math section was difficult for me, but I was able to get a decent score because of the practice that mega prep provided me with.

As of now, I am preparing for college applications and taking college counseling from mega prep. The one to one help I am receiving to write my essays is extremely valuable and streamlining the college application process. The experience of writing these essays are also benefiting me in my English classes.

Jasmine S.

Saratoga HS




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